fanfic_t00bs (fanfic_t00bs) wrote,

We swear we aren't trying to make things difficult.

No point in beating around the bush.

fanfic_t00bs has moved!! We are now at fanfict00bs!!

If you all want an explanation, here it is:

1) It's a pain in the ass to log into the journal to post. It's easier to post from our own journals. Which we can do from a community.

2) We love getting comments. And we love commenting back, because we're thrilled that you liked what we're posting. But it's difficult to reply to those comments when the email notifications aren't coming to our emails. It makes us feel bad that we can't get back to you guys.

So, once again:

fanfic_t00bs has moved!! We are now at fanfict00bs!!

~ The Writers

P.S. If you've linked to a fic on this livejournal (fanfic_t00bs) in the past, don't worry about changing the link! We aren't getting rid of this one, so all the old fic links will still be in existence -- we just won't be adding anything more to this journal.
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